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ARE YOU TIRED OF BEING THE LONE RIDER? Considering joining a motorcycle club (MC)? Do you feel the draw toward the brotherhood of riding in the pack as a full patched member of a large and established MC? The MC world is a “secret society” held together by the bonds of brotherhood. This book gives you an inside look into the process of becoming part of that “outlaw” world by a writer who has gone through the process and has helped others to “get patched” as well. Or perhaps, you just want to understand why men willingly go through the trials of prospecting to become a member.

THE ”OUTLAW” MC LIFE is not the life of a criminal as the media would have you think. But it IS a man’s world with its own unapologetically masculine laws and way of life. These laws are universal in the MC world and must be learned by anyone who would wear the 3-piece patch worn by a full-patched member. These outlaws are men who put their own way of life before society’s bland and restricted rules of conformity.

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. The working title of this book was “How to Join an Outlaw Motorcycle Club without Getting Your Ass Kicked” but, later the title was changed because there was no way the author could make such a guarantee. With that being said, this book is filled with insider advice that gives you a very good idea of what you are in for if you decide to begin this difficult and sometimes dangerous process, and likely avoid some serious mistakes along the way. Avoiding these mistakes can save your neck, and greatly increase your probability of success in getting “patched-in”.

BROTHER RELOAD – The author of this book is a full-patched member of one of the largest three-piece patch motorcycle clubs and is very familiar with the process that it takes to join a true “outlaw” motorcycle club (MC). In this book, he gives it to you straight and shares his experience gained from being around many different MCs. He talks directly to you as if you were his friend who is seriously considering joining an MC. He tells you what you are likely in for, and then guides you with insider advice on how to handle the whole process from being on the outside and getting acquainted with a club. Then he helps you achieve official “hang-around” status and get recognized as “prospect material”.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Discover what you are likely to encounter as a prospect for a club, and you will gain invaluable advice on how to get through the prospecting process and “get patched”. It does not stop there, he also lets you in on what to expect next. Get this book and know what it is really like to “Get Patched”.