Stop right now, you don’t need to read any further if you are a sissified, limp-wrist, politically correct admirer of the feminist’s movement.  Don’t buy or read my book, Get Patched: How to Join an “Outlaw” Motorcycle Club.  I can tell you right now our world is not for you.  NO traditional three-piece patch in our MC world will have you.  We understand that men are men and women are women and that we don’t want to have anything to do with women who try to be like men or the sissy boys who condone that kind of thing.

Bikers and those in the MC world have been rumbling along with very much the same traditions since the 30s, 40s and 50s.  The soul of where the biker culture and ultimately the MC world comes from that era, modified very little as time has gone by with regards to the role of men and women.  Men are expected to be the leader and women are expected to support their men.  It is a man’s world, a man’s club, he rides on his bike with his ol’ lady on the back.  Few are the exceptional ol’ ladies that ride their own bike and fit into the MC world.  They exist, but they are very few.

But what about the Women’s Liberation Movement?  What about Feminism?  In our MC world that doesn’t count for anything.  If a Brother has an ol’ lady she is expected to support him 100%.  In most MCs ol’ ladies wear a Property of Vest, sometimes called a designator.  It lets everyone know that this is this Brother’s woman.  She represents him where ever she goes (wearing that designator or not).

Ol’ ladies are not members of the MC.  Only men are members of a traditional MC.  Ol’ ladies come and go.  Brotherhood is for life.  The club is forever.  If an ol’ lady doesn’t support the club or somehow doesn’t fit in or is problematic in any way, such as being a loud mouth or disrespectful she won’t be permitted to be around the club.

Lots of women come and go in our world.  They are girlfriends, girls who are property of the club or chapter (but not a particular Brother), and groupies that are just there for a while and move on after we have all had our fun.

In every case women will only fit in if they accept the fact that this is a man’s world and they are expected to act as women.  They will wonder what is going on with the club, but club business is Brothers’ business.  It is no woman’s business.

If you are reading this any you are appalled, then close this website right now.  Our world is not for you.  “It is what it is” and it has been working this way for a very long time.

As a matter of fact, the women in our world like it this way just fine.  Some will have jobs and even careers, but they know where they fit in and where they are in relation to their ol’ man and his club.