Back Cover of Get Patched BookWhat is all about?  It is about the truth about motorcycle clubs and the biker world.  We are not a bunch of worthless scumbags like the media and law enforcement would have the public think.

That is why I wrote and published Get Patched.  It seems that every book out there about our MC world was either written by a cop, a snitch, someone out bad, or some ego centric MC member who just wants to self-aggrandize himself or his club.

Don’t get me wrong having pride in yourself and your club are very good things, they are essential.  But when cops, snitches and guys are out bad from an MC write about the club they are all negatively biased about the MC and biker world in general.

My book, Get Patched reveals a side of the MC world that we can all be proud of.  Strength, brotherhood, guts, integrity, loyalty and love.

On this blog I will do my best to let my readers in on the upside of the MC life without sugar coating the challenges because there are many.

Get Patched is more than an insider look at the MC world, if after reading it you believe our world is the right one for you then you will have a much better idea of what you are getting into and how to go from outsider, to hang-around, to prospect to full-patched member and Brother.

Well, there…  The blog is started.   I hope you will come back and read more and download a free sample of Get Patched and check it out.

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