Sons of Anarchy and Mayans MC TV Shows and Real MCs

You are reading this and you have an interest in the MC world, so then you have probably seen or at least heard of the Sons of Anarchy TV show. Some hated it, and some loved it. Either way it is undeniable that the show had an effect on how the public sees our MC world. AND, for the most part, the world sees us being bad guys, everyone of us.

I look at the show the way I look at all media products about our MC world. They care about two things, making money and fame. They don’t care about the truth or how their products affect real people, the many men, and their families who live in the MC world. They make entertaining shows that are designed to get an audience so that they can make money and make the producers and actors famous. Period.

The Sons of Anarchy TV show was a mixture of fact and fiction.  They got some things right and many things wrong. (more…)

The Truth About the Motorcycle Club World & How to Get Patched

Back Cover of Get Patched BookWhat is all about?  It is about the truth about motorcycle clubs and the biker world.  We are not a bunch of worthless scumbags like the media and law enforcement would have the public think.

That is why I wrote and published Get Patched.  It seems that every book out there about our MC world was either written by a cop, a snitch, someone out bad, or some ego centric MC member who just wants to self-aggrandize himself or his club.

Don’t get me wrong having pride in yourself and your club are very good things, they are essential.  But when cops, snitches and guys are out bad from an MC write about the club they are all negatively biased about the MC and biker world in general. (more…)