Sons of Anarchy and Mayans MC TV Shows and Real MCs

You are reading this and you have an interest in the MC world, so then you have probably seen or at least heard of the Sons of Anarchy TV show. Some hated it, and some loved it. Either way it is undeniable that the show had an effect on how the public sees our MC world. AND, for the most part, the world sees us being bad guys, everyone of us.

I look at the show the way I look at all media products about our MC world. They care about two things, making money and fame. They don’t care about the truth or how their products affect real people, the many men, and their families who live in the MC world. They make entertaining shows that are designed to get an audience so that they can make money and make the producers and actors famous. Period.

The Sons of Anarchy TV show was a mixture of fact and fiction.  They got some things right and many things wrong. (more…)

What Cops “Think” They Know about “Outlaw” Motorcycle Clubs

The average cop on the street doesn’t know shit about “outlaw” motorcycle clubs.  They “learned” most of what they “know” about MCs from watching TV, reading popular books about MCs and maybe a movie here and there.  What cops think they know about bikers and MCs varies widely and most of it is wrong and that is bad news for the local biker or MC Brother.

First off, all cops start of like the average Joe Blow on the street who has been inundated with biker movies and TV shows over his or her life.  And as I say repeatedly the entertainment industry does not care anything about the truth.  They care about one thing, (more…)

One of the Great Threats to Motorcycle Clubs At the Local Level Is the “Witch”

Brotherhood is one of the most valuable things on earth.  Good ol’ ladies support it.  The bad ones don’t.  They are the worst.  They are witches that work to undermine and divide our Brotherhood.

All MCs have their challenges, threats and even enemies.  Some of these threats are at the club level and some are at the local or chapter level.  I think that one of the least talked about but most pervasive threats to any MC at the local or chapter level is bad women – selfish, shortsighted women who pull Brothers away from the club.

You read that right.  Women are probably one of the biggest threats (more…)