Where Men are Expected to Be Men & Women are Expected to Be Women

Stop right now, you don’t need to read any further if you are a sissified, limp-wrist, politically correct admirer of the feminist’s movement.  Don’t buy or read my book, Get Patched: How to Join an “Outlaw” Motorcycle Club.  I can tell you right now our world is not for you.  NO traditional three-piece patch in our MC world will have you.  We understand that men are men and women are women and that we don’t want to have anything to do with women who try to be like men or the sissy boys who condone that kind of thing.

Bikers and those in the MC world have been rumbling along with very much the same traditions since the 30s, 40s and 50s.  The soul of where the biker culture and ultimately the MC world comes from that era, modified very little as time has gone by with regards to the role of men and women.  Men are expected to be the leader and women are expected to support their men.  It is a man’s world, a man’s (more…)

One of the Great Threats to Motorcycle Clubs At the Local Level Is the “Witch”

Brotherhood is one of the most valuable things on earth.  Good ol’ ladies support it.  The bad ones don’t.  They are the worst.  They are witches that work to undermine and divide our Brotherhood.

All MCs have their challenges, threats and even enemies.  Some of these threats are at the club level and some are at the local or chapter level.  I think that one of the least talked about but most pervasive threats to any MC at the local or chapter level is bad women – selfish, shortsighted women who pull Brothers away from the club.

You read that right.  Women are probably one of the biggest threats (more…)

You Don’t Get Patched and Become A Brother, There Is Far More to It Than That

To outsiders it looks like you just got patched into a MC and you just became one of the “Brothers”.  But that is far from the truth.

I’ve seen many hang-arounds and prospects come and go.  Some making it and some not.  I do my best to give them the information that they need to move forward if I think that they have it in them to make it.

There is one huge misconception that these beer-running hopefuls have.  They all want to get patched so that they can be a Brother.  Well, that is not how it works. (more…)

Why Join a Motorcycle Club? – My Personal Perspective

Why do men join MCs?  There are probably a thousand reasons.  But the truth is there are a few consistent and very compelling reasons that come up over and over again.  For me it is Brotherhood.

I am not close to my blood family.  They are all very different from me.  I have never felt a part of it.  It is only natural for men to want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  This was certainly true for me.  I wanted a family that fit. (more…)

The Truth About the Motorcycle Club World & How to Get Patched

Back Cover of Get Patched BookWhat is Bikerstrong.com all about?  It is about the truth about motorcycle clubs and the biker world.  We are not a bunch of worthless scumbags like the media and law enforcement would have the public think.

That is why I wrote and published Get Patched.  It seems that every book out there about our MC world was either written by a cop, a snitch, someone out bad, or some ego centric MC member who just wants to self-aggrandize himself or his club.

Don’t get me wrong having pride in yourself and your club are very good things, they are essential.  But when cops, snitches and guys are out bad from an MC write about the club they are all negatively biased about the MC and biker world in general. (more…)